Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Max Lucado

Although I LOVE reading (hence the title of my blog), This is the first time I have had the pleasure of reading  Max Lucado's books.  I've heard many good things about his writing and can now say I agree.  I just finished reading two of his new books and absolutely loved them.

The first book, One Hand, Two Hands is a children's book which teaches children that their hands are a blessing from God and can be used for many things including, helping others.  I read this book to my 2 1/2 year old daughter (more than once) and she and I both loved it.  My favorite part of the book was the page that shows a mother and daughter washing dishes together.  My daughter and I wash dishes together almost every morning while we sing songs.  She makes a big mess, but I don't mind because it is a special time of day for us before I have to leave for work.  I would recommend this adorable book to anyone with a small child at home, the story is sweet and the pictures are beautiful.

The second Max Lucado book that I just finished is Outlive Your Life.  Much like the children's book, "One Hand, Two Hands", this book shows how every person has the opportunity to make a big difference in this world.  As each of our lives touches anothers and each of our actions has an impact on this world, Max Lucado shows that we can all "Live our lives in such a way that the world will be glad".  If you are looking for great inspirational reading, I suggest you pick up a copy of this book.

I am grateful to Booksneeze and Thomas Nelson Publishers for providing me with both of these wonderful books to read and review.



Max Lucado is one of my favorite authors :-)

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Hi Old Geezer (oh, I feel terrible calling you that!) :-)

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