Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tarot's Day of Beauty

One of the reasons I fell in love with my cat Tarot was his beautiful orange fur.  Little did I know when I adopted him 14 years ago that I should have named him "Pigpen", instead of Tarot.  Remember Charlie Brown's friend Pigpen, the kid who had little dirt clouds following him as he walked?  Well, that is my cat Tarot.  It seems that to most cats the act of licking yourself to get clean comes natural.  Well, not to Tarot.  Oh, he will lick the other cats in the house and will on occasion lick the dog but will NEVER clean himself.  As such, I must shave him twice a year to get all the crud off his body.  I wouldn't have to resort to bringing him to the groomer to get him shaved if he would just let me brush him.  But, every time I attempt to brush him or wipe him down with a wet cloth he freaks out and bites and scratches like he was fighting for his life!  So now he gets shaved and although he won't be winning any beauty contests he will at least be clean.

                                                   Tarot BEFORE                   


Chrissy said...

omg! lol.... was Tarot pissed at you?

Brooklyn Book Lover said...

You bet! :-) But I did it out of love. All his knots are gone and he smells beautiful.

cjschlottman said...

What a great looking cat! I can see in his expression that he is "over it" with you for a while! Cute post. Thanks.

Brooklyn Book Lover said...

Tarot was just about getting over the haircut ordeal but is now mad at me again. Someone left a tiny black kitten on my doorstep and I of course brought the baby in the house. The poor thing has not stopped crying. Tarot is thoroughly annoyed. The crying is interfering with his beauty sleep. I fed the kiten and gave him special kitten milk but what he really wants is to snuggle with something warm. I can't let him near my cats because I do not know if he has any diseases, fleas etc.. Tarot will be happy in the morning when I bring the kitten to his new foster home. :-)

Yenta Mary said...

Hi! Found you through the 40+ hop. My dog is like your cat ... if she'd just cooperate a bit, she wouldn't have to get the buzz cut and could still be a cute little furball!