Friday, May 28, 2010

Hair Donation for Gulf Oil Spill

I have not cut my hair in about 3 years.  As such, it is quite long.  I briefly caught something on the am news about places that are accepting hair donations to help with the oil spill.  I am calling on my blogger friends to point me in the right direction.  Are there any places near Brooklyn, NY that participate in this hair donation program?  I would love to donate my hair to this cause.  It is heartbreaking thinking about the sea life that is dying because of this oil spill.  This is such a MAJOR disaster and yet I don't see any major coverage on the news about how the "little people" like us can help.  What are your thoughts on this? 


BONNIE K said...

We own some hair salons in a suburb of Cleveland - you need to call around and find participating salons. I hope you enjoy the Regina Brett book!

Green Monkey said...

I heard it on the internet via blogs - only, nothing concrete (not that blogs aren't solid)

its so upsetting and such a HUGE problem... this could be the beginning of the end... I realize that sound extreme but the fact that they can't stop it is devastating. Louisiana and everything on the gulf coast - including wildlife is suffering if not destroyed.

I for one am praying for a solution.

Brooklyn Book Lover said...

Bonnie - Thanks so much for responding. I am going to make the phone calls this week to a few salons. I hope to find a place to make the donation.
I am going to start the Regina Brett book tonight. I planned on reading it over the weekend but my mother-in-law got sick and we were tied up. She is doing well thank goodness.

Brooklyn Book Lover said...

Hi Green Monkey,

I agree with your comment about "the beginning of the end." Although I truly do my best to maintain an optimistic attitude about things this disaster just seems to be spiraling out of control and, like you I am praying for a solution. It is scary that they are having such a hard time getting this thing under control. Was there never a plan in place in case this type of disaster ever occurred? It seems to me that if there were a plan in place these tragic circumstances could have been avoided.

My heart goes out to the families who lost their loved ones in the explosion and also to the families who have lost their livelihoods. I am also sick just thinking about the loss of animal/marine life. Is it just me or does there seem to be a lackadaisical attitude about taking care of this disaster? What exactly is being done to help the wildlife and the families? I don’t see any coverage of this on the news. All I continually hear is how the efforts to stop the leak have not been successful.

Terrifying and depressing.

Chrissy said...

Do not donate to Locks of Love... A friend of mine ran a fundraiser for a little girl in need of a wig... apparently Locks of Love charges the person in need... how giving is that? My hair cutter who works for L'Oreal says to donate to Pantene, they deal w/donations. I see u have added me - thanks.

Chrissy said...

sidebar: the person in need has to also apply to see if they are worthy of a wig..

Brooklyn Book Lover said...

Chrissy - Yes, I heard that about Locks of Love. It is such a pity. They sould be ashamed of themselves. I will look into contacting Pantene on Monday. Thanks for the info.