Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baskin Robbins Encounter Renews My Spirit

Lately, I have been a nervous wreck because of certain financial issues in my life and wanted a way to release my stress that did not involve eating!  (I had my stomach stapled about 6 years ago and nobody told me that the weight could be gained back! But that is a story for another day).  Anyway, although my grammar is FAR from perfect I decided to create a blog to take my mind off of my financial woes and hopefully at the same time raise a little money to put towards my mortgage.  (So please do some ad clicking while you are here.)

So, what does all this have to do with Baskin Robbins?  Well, being financially strapped most of the time I am always on the lookout for inexpensive but fun things to do with my two kids.  I have a two year old and a ten year old that I adore.  Last night Baskin Robbins was offering ice cream for just 31 cents per scoop.  As that is a great deal and would be a real treat for my kids we jumped in the car and headed to Baskin Robbins.  My mouth watered as I perused the variety of flavors.  I decided to go with the watermelon that had "pits" made out of chocolate while my kids chose mint chip.  I paid for our purchase and received my change.  I decided to get ice cream for my husband before we left and when I went to place the order at the counter I could not find my money.  I was panicked and shaky.  It was all the money I had left for the week ($19.00).  I asked a few of the customers if they had found any money on the floor.  They all said no and of course I didn't believe them.  In fact, I am ashamed to say that I was thinking pretty bad thoughts about every one of them.  I just knew that someone had picked it up and put it in their pocket.  I was angry because not only was it my last few dollars, but also because I am a believer in honesty.  I know that if I were to find lost money I would have searched for the persn who lost it and returned it to them. So, there I was being all negative and thinking the worst about society when a gentleman came up to me and told me that he heard what happened.  He held out a $20 bill and said "Here, buy the kids ice cream on me".  I froze for a moment because I was shocked by his offer.  I graciously refused and let him know that my kids already had ice cream and I was just getting a scoop for my husband when I realized my money was gone.  He said "I heard you say that it was all the money you had left for the week.  Take the $20.00.  I can afford it.  Buy an ice cream for your husband.  It is my pleasure."  Again, I declined his offer and thanked him as best I could.  Looking back, I don't think I got across to him how much his offer meant.  I am shy and tend to get tongue tied when talking with strangers.

I truly wish I knew who he was because I feel the need to tell him how appreciative I am for his random act of kindness.  Although I didn't accept the $20, the offer meant the world to me.  It renewed my faith in humanity and made my night a little bit brighter.  So, to the man at Baskin Robbins on Ralph Avenue in Brooklyn....Your act of kindness was like a breath of fresh air and I am grateful to you for your compassion, generous offer and kind words.  May the kindness you showed towards me be given back to you ten times over!  You are a wonderful person and I wish all good things for you and your family.  THANK YOU. 

To all of you reading this blog...why not do a random act of kindness?  You just might make someone's night a little bit brighter and will definitely make the world a better place!


carolsnotebook said...

What a nice story and a nice reminder that things we think of as little gestures can mean the world to someone else.

Brooklyn Book Lover said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for the nice comment. Please drop by for a visit any time. :-)