Monday, October 4, 2010

Still The King

OK, I started the gruelling task of trying to get my daughter potty trained.  I rented the "Once Upon a Potty For Girls" DVD from the library since the VHS "boy" version worked wonders with my son 9 years ago.  Because it worked so well with my son, I had no doubts that it would work with my daughter. WRONG!  Oh, she loves the video and sings the song and asks to watch it about a bazillion times per day but, there has been NO potty action! 

Next, we bought a book called "No More Diapers For Duckie".  Again, she loved it, even goes around repeating (CONSTANTLY) "No More Diapers Duckie!).  But, there still was no potty action.

Our most recent attempt was the purchase of a $25.00 Disney Princess Potty that makes "Magical" sounds when you push the blue diamond lever.  Now, since we are on a very tight and strict budget, $25.00 was a big purchase to us.  I rationalized it by saying that it is cheaper than buying expensive diapers every week (sounds logical right?).  Well, I may as well have taken that $25.00 and flushed it down the real toilet because once again....No potty action!

Well, there is one consolation.....

My cat Charlie turned in his title as "King of the Waterbowl" and now proudly reigns as......

King of The Potty!

I just don't think pink is his color!


Kalei's Best Friend said...

He looks a bit embarrassed! lol...

That corgi :) said...

cute picture; at least someone is getting to use it :)

I learned with potty training, as frustrating as it is, if they are not ready, nothing is going to work no matter how desparately we may want them trained. My daughter was trained by 22 months (older of the two); my son at 3.5 years, though he would never get trained, but when he was ready, he did it in a day. So hang in there and like my pediatrician's nurse said so many years ago, you don't see any diapers on kids in kindergarten (assuming not special need kids). she said just be patient and realize they will eventually get it. same for your daughter :)

enjoy the day :)


Jo said...

Oh, you poor dear! These are days I am so glad are behind me as you have my deepest support and condolences at the task at hand.

Something, somewhere is going to resonate and get her attention on this matter, I promise you -- it won't always be like this.

Pretty Disney Princesses big girl panties as a reward system might work....

But really, until SHE is ready, all you can do is the best you are already doing.

Hang in there.

Peace and serenity,
'The End Of The Rainbow: Life After Bankruptcy'

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I just discovered your blog; it's great. We have plenty in common as books and animals are my (2) favorite things --don't mention this to the husband or adult kids though :)